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Spider Control, Auckland NZ

In New Zealand we have over 2500 varieties of spiders and for those who fear being bitten by one, the good news is there are only two poisonous ones, our native Katipo and the Australian Redback. You are very very unlikely to come across either of these in your Auckland home or workplace, which is very good news indeed!

You are much more likely to come across the white tail spider, we have done many treatments in Auckland to eradicate this spider, they now seem to be becoming quite a common pest in our homes. These guys are not native to New Zealand, like the Redback they’ve hitched a ride over from Australia.

White tail spiders are not considered poisonous to humans which is the good news, however there is much debate over whether or not a bite from a white tail can cause necrotic ulcers (destroyed skin). There are plenty of accounts of severe infections and ulcerations from bites but a recent Australian study has shown no evidence linking necrotic ulcers to white-tailed spider bites. However there is no disputing the fact that the bite is very painful and can become infected.

If you are interested in finding out more about White Tail Spiders, here’s a link to some first-hand accounts of white tail spider bites at the debate around this in the NZ Herald. If you are bitten by a White Tail Spider, this link to the Ministry of Health will tell you what to do. And here’s a link to the Australian study.

Tips to help reduce spider numbers in and around your home:

  • Remove vegetation that is touching your house
  • Remove webs and spiders from the inside and outside of your home as they appear
  • Fill in gaps in walls and under doors to deter entry into your home
  • Keep sheltering sites such as wood piles and compost heaps as far away from your house as possible
Whitetail spider

Juvenile White tail spider, notice the distinctive white mark on the end of the tail. The two stripes further up the body and stripes on the legs are less noticeable in adults.

If you can’t put up with spiders or their webs in and round your home, please get in touch with Go Pest, your Auckland Pest Control Experts on 0508 467378 or to discuss treatment options.


The EPA (environmental protection authority) approved spray product we use has a residual effect of at least three months and we will guarantee our treatment for this period, however we generally find the treatment will work for around four to six months.

In our opinion yes, especially if you have small children, medically compromised or elderly living there or visiting often.

Depending on the individual situation a spray will be applied to the exterior and interior of your home. And for your safety, before treatment you will be supplied with an easy to follow list of preparation and after treatment instructions. You, your family and any pets will need to vacate the home during treatment and for four hours afterwards while the spray dries.

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