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Go Pest believe the most environmentally friendly pest control is prevention and for those fortunate few this will be all that’s required for a safe and healthy pest free home or business. The realities for the majority (that’s you and us) some intervention is required to control these unwanted intruders, so here’s where we come in.

We offer Pest Control treatments that are applied in an environmentally responsible manner, no wastage and mixed to exact specifications every time so that you, your family, colleagues and pets are safe and you’re unwanted pests are dealt with effectively with as little negative environmental impact as possible.  We provide our customers with pre-treatment and post-treatment instructions and offer preventative advice which insures the best possible results.

Its also pretty important to us to do our bit to protect our amazing NZ environment, there are pests here which are damaging our native flora and fauna such as the Argentine Ant and ones that are building up a resistance to treatments due to poor eradication methods.  We’re attending courses and keeping up to date with the latest techniques and products and insuring our treatments are applied correctly and effectively.

Here’s what else we do to lessen our environmental impact:



Give, because giving is good to do.


Being committed to always turning up on time.


Insuring the safety of our customers, our staff and the environment.


Be honest and trustworthy in all that we do.


We continue to learn and improve.